Sailent Features
Type Open Ended Debt Scheme
Investment Objective The Investment Objective is to generate income through investment in Debt and Money Market securities of different maturity and issuers of different risk profiles.
Asset Allocation Debt 80% - 100% (Low to Medium risk) (including Securitised Debt)
MMI / Call 0% - 20% (Low risk)
with provision for variation, subject to review.
Plans and Minimum Investment 1) Growth Plan : Rs.10,000/-Automatic
Repurchase Option : Rs.20,000/-
2)Income Plan : Rs.10,000/-
3)Bonus Plan : Rs.20,000/
-and in multiples of Re.1/- thereafter in each Plan.
IPO During Initial Public Offer, units will be issued at face value of Rs.10/- each for cash at par and there will be no charge to the Scheme on account of initial issue expenses and all such expenses will be borne by the AMC. Thus, for every Rs.10/- collected, the entire amount will be invested.
Distribution The Scheme may distribute, surplus if any, by way of Dividend or fully paid Bonus units, as may be decided by the Trustees, from time to time.
NAV NAV / Repurchase / Sale price will be announced for all business days.
Applicable NAV for Sale of Units The Sale price will be linked to the NAV calculated for the Business Day on which the sale application is received by the Investor Relation Centre of the Investment Manager or its authorised agents.
Applicable NAV for Repurchase of Units The Repurchase rate, will be the applicable rate for the day on which the repurchase request is received by the Investor Relation Centre of the Investment Manager or its authorised agents.
Switch-over Switch-over option to the investors within the Fund, from one plan to another plan within CANINCOME Scheme or to other open ended Scheme(s) or to new Scheme(s), may be launched from time to time.
Entry Load Nil
Exit Load Upto Rs. 5 lakh : 0.50% on the exit NAV if exits before 6 months, from the date of investment.
More than Rs. 5 lakh : 0.25% on the exit NAV if exits before 3 months, from the date of investment.
Switch-over Load Nil
Systematic Investment Facility Available
Nomination Facility Available for Individual unit holder/s.
TAX Benefits (presently in force) Benefits of long term capital gain u/s 112 & 48.
Disclosures Full disclosure of investment portfolio on Half Yearly Basis.
Registrar Canbank Computer Services Ltd., Bangalore.
Insurance Free Personal Accident Insurance cover upto twice the face value of the unit holding subject to maximum cover of Rs.25.00 lakhs provided as an additional feature to Resident Individual Unitholder / Karta incase of HUF and Principal Partner incase of Partnership Firm.
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